Tuesday, April 01, 2008


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As Yom Haatzmaut approaches, we will have the opportunity to discuss many different aspects of our unfolding redemption and the both religious and nationalistic relevance Yom Haatzmaut has today.

Parallel to that, we want to have a special celebration for Israel’s 60th Birthday.

Everyone knows how to criticize everything which is wrong with Israel. And truthfully, it is important to have some constructive criticism.

Every day, we do heshbon nefesh. Every day, many of us do a viduy in which we go through all the sins we have committed and ask for forgiveness. However, Rav Kook teaches that as much as this viduy is of outmost importance, a second viduy is also needed. Periodically, we need to look back and remind ourselves of all the good we have done. We need to look back at our positive actions and take inspiration from them in order to move forward!

With that in mind, all the writers of Tzipiyah.com will be cooperating on a special project. Each of us will be answering the question: "What are the 4 accomplishments of the State of Israel which make you most proud?" With 15 regular writers on Tzipiyah, the total number of answers will end up being 60. Each writer will use his own style – some simply listing answers, others writing longer pieces, others even simply using pictures to describe their feelings.

Our answers will start flowing in around the time Pessah starts, as we move from the celebration of one redemption to the next one. However, we wanted to announce it now so that other people could also join in on the celebrations!

I want to call on all bloggers to write their own list of 4 accomplishments of the State of Israel which make them the most proud! All those who do so and let me know will get linked to when we post our own answers. We would, of course, appreciate getting linked to as well.
Also, I want the readers of Tzipiyah to also participate in the celebration! All of you, start thinking of answers to this question and as the bloggers write their own answers, make sure to comment with your own answers!

Beezrat Hashem, this positive look backwards will give us enough strength and inspiration to continue moving forward towards the unfolding of our final and complete redemption.

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