Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Cold!!! Get a heater!

Yes, its freezing cold outside! I think right now this is true in most of America, definitely here in Montreal! Even in my heated house the cold still comes in because my heater is not strong enough. I was surfing online and found a website with heating available. They sell gas space heaters . I don’t know much about heating but their prices were good and their heaters also looked good, not some ugly things which you wouldn’t want to bring into your house. They also have ways to get you discounts which is obviously very cool! Of course, it would be better if we would all live somewhere in the Negev right now and go outside to tan, but until then, this is website will provide for a good solution!

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-suitepotato- said...

Get a tan in the Negev?

The Jerusalem Post says not about now.

I would also recommend against kerosene or propane heaters for indoors and see about an electric heater fan instead. You can aim the heat where you want it and not worry about explosions and fires generally.