Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yud Tet Kislev

On Yat Kislev, The Admour HAzaken got freed from a Soviet Jail. Its considered the new year of Chassidut. It is also on that year that Rav Neriyah ZTSAL passed away.When Rav Neriyah ZATSAL was very sick, Harav Motty Elon SHLITA went to visit him. What he didn't know was that the doctors had just announced to Rav Neriyah that he would die soon. Rav Neriyah then decided to leave the hospital to go back to his house, his yeshiva, to die surrounded by his books of torah. When Rav Elon saw the commotion at the hospital, he asked a doctor what was going on. The doctor told him of Rav Neriyah's decision and Rav Elon decided it was not a good time to visit the Rav. He would come back another day.

Rav Neriyah's wife then saw Rav Elon and told her Rav Neriyah would be extremely happy to see him! Rav Elon did not know exactly how to say no so he went to see Rav Neriyah.

As he entered the room, he had a very awkward feeling. What can you say to someone who is about to pass away? So he stayed silent. Then, Rav Neriyah started singing: "Oz Vehadar Levusha, Vatishak Leyom Acharon" - a passage from Eshet Chayil which means "With Strength and Splendor, She laughs at the final days (the days of the mashiach, through prophecy)". He sang and sang and Rav Elon felt more and more awkward. Then Rav Neriyah ZATSAL asked Rav Elon why he wasn't singing and Rav Elon didn't know what to answer! Then Rav Neriyah told him, Oh! If you don't sing, it is because you don't understand what I am singing. He then explained himself: "Keshe Adam Chai Im Oz Vehadar kol Chayav, Az Yithak Bayom Haazcharon" - When a person lives his whole life with Strength and Splendor, then he will laugh on his final days. And so, since Rav Neriyah lived his whole life with Strength of the Torah and the Splendor of the Mitsvot, he was laughing, and singing in his final days!May we all merit to accomplish amazing things in our lives which will enable us to laugh and sing in our final days. May our lives be lives which help developp am Israel into Mamlechet Kohanim Vegoy Kadosh - a kingdom of priest, a holy nation. May great men such as the Admour Hazaken, Rav Neriyah ZATSAL and Harav Motty Elon SHLITA keep on inspiring us... Amen! more...

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