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Why I am a Jewish Warrior

Note: I will not be commenting on the actual innacuraties in the CNN Documentary. If you are interested in that, please refer to:

After watching CNN’s special God’s Jewish Warrior, I thought I should share with everyone what makes ME a Jewish Warrior. No, I am no terrorist. No, I do not believe in hurting any innocent Palestinian. For some reason, Christiane Ammanpour made it sound as if every supporter of the settler movement is anti palestianian. This isn’t so. I actually believe the Palestinian’s are better off with Jewish Leadership than with Palestinian leadership (as history has shown). I am also not here to defend the settlements from the perspective of international law although as a Law Student I could easily come up with many arguments which have been ignored.

I am sorry if the arguments will be disorganized, but I am just trying to put my feelings down on this paper.

So what did I come to speak about?

I want to let everyone know what makes ME a Jewish Warrior.
What makes me support the right of the Jewish People to come back to their land after 2000 years of exile?
What makes me see the hand of God in this miraculous return?
What makes me support the right of the Jews to build their houses on the land their forefathers owned?
What makes the land of Israel valuable enough for it to be worth the sacrifices of Warriors?And also, interestingly, what makes Jewish Warriors the greatest protectors of human rights?Let’s start with the miracle.
I have a rabbi which often repeats one very interesting fact:
Everyone agrees that the story of the Jews redemption from Egypt was a great miracle. Even those who do not believe in its accuracy agree to its miraculous nature.
We are living in even more miraculous times!

When we came out of Egypt, we were ONE NATION, which was spread out in ONE country for 210 Years. And God Took us out. Good, not bad.

In our generation, we were one nation which was spread out in HUNDREDS OF COUNTRIES for 2000 years!
THIS IS THE GREATEST MIRACLE OF HISTORY! It is the start of our final and ultimate redemption!Now, why is the land of Israel even so important to the Jewish People? How can it be that such nationalism and attachment to the land turn out to be what I have called “the greatest protection for human rights”?

To answer this we will do an exercise in linguistics:
In every language, the male of the word “man” is irregular.
In English, instead of being called Maness, we say Women.
In French instead of saying Homma, we say Femme.

In Hebrew, however, it is regular. Ish and Isha. The reason for that is that when we have a deep relationship with our wife, we recognize that we are not two beings, but rather two parts of the same being: the masculine and the feminine part. We are connected together with a strong bond which makes us one being!
In the torah, when man and women are linked together, they are called ADAM. Adam was the name of the first creature on earth which was really a combination of Man and Woman (Adam and Eve Linked Together). There is one other thing in our scriptures called Adam and that is the Jewish People (Yehezkel, Perek Lamed I think…).

Let’s start another exercise in linguistics:
How do nations usually call their land?
In English, we call it “motherland”.
In French, we call it “Patrie” (from the word dad in French).In hebrew, we call it ADAMA. In Hebrew, the word for land is the feminine of the Jewish Nation!
The link between the Jewish Nation and its land is like the link between a husband and his wife. It is the deepest link of love. It is the deepest bond possible.
When other nations express extreme nationalism, they express some sort of incest. It always turns out wrong (German Nationalism, Arab Nationalism etc…)
When Jews express Nationalism, it is a blessing for all nations. It is healthy: like a husband loving his wife.

True, there are SOME (VERY LITTLE) Jewish terrorists. But a quick research will show you they were not inspired really by torah law, but by American Nationalism. The leaders of Jewish Terrorism were ALL American who imported their ideology to Israel. (Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing America, but just making the point that the only healthy nationalism is the Jewish one).

So, how exactly does this lead to the greatest protection of Human Rights?
Well, already, Zionism is the greatest message of hope for humanity. The fact that a nation can return to its land after 2000 years of persecution and come back from the dead is the greatest human rights accomplishment of history!

Every person who puts a brick ANYWHERE in Israel is a partner in this accomplishment.The return of the Jews not just to Tel Aviv, but especiallJerusalem, Hevron, Kedumim, Elon Moreh etc.. is the greatest message of Hope for mankind.Also, we believe that by creating a strong Israel, we will ultimately be providing a light for all nations. Our goal is to build a house of prayers FOR ALL NATIONS.

Am I a Jewish Warrior?
I sure hope so!A Jewish Warrior is someone with higher values. It is someone who understands the value of Justice being made to a nation persecuted for 2000 years. It is someone who is connected enough to his heritage that he wants to actualize it. It is someone who brings light into this world by creating and strengthening a state which is God’s Throne on this earth. It is someone who believes in the right of refugees to return to their homes after 2000 years of exile. It is someone who understands that God’s representatives on this world are full of strength, and not on the sidelines of society.“Jewish Warriors” are Jewish Heros.
“Jewish Warriors” are Universal Heros!

May the building of the holy communities in Judea and Samaria continue until enough light has been brought into this world for Christiane Ammanpour to make a live coverage of the building of the Beit Hamikdash.

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