Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So, I found this website which could help me keep this blog going in the long term and help advertise it more and more. It is a website which pays us to blog about some products or services offered by advertisers. Its quite smart because it uses the power of the blogging community for advertisers while keeping the uniqueness of the blogging community since we can blog about the things however we want.

I will make sure you know which posts I get paid for. I do not want to trick my readers. Instead, this is a really good opportunity for Tsmicha to grow because it might provide income which I could reinject in the blog in advertising, hosting, cool features etc…

I am still new at this but I think it has a lot of potential. It can help a lot of smaller blogs grow and it will encourage bloggers to continue blogging. If you own a blog, I definitely encourage checking it out. The address is http://www.payperpost.com.

Also, it is a very honest service which encourages ethical blogging and disclosure: blog ethics

If this works out, it will help Tsmicha give out its message to the world. We will be able to tell even more people about the Torah of the land of Israel. It is a very exciting new venture.

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