Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chodesh Tov!

Chodesh Tov! I know I am a bit late but Chodesh Tov.

The Month of Kislev is the month of Hannukah.

Hannukah (or channukah or Hanukah or hannuka or channuka or chanuka etc… lol) is an incredibly important holiday for our generation.It is the holiday in which we celebrate the true example of a Jewish Nationalist Movement based on Jewish Values which God Miraculously helped. In Meged Yerachim (the monthly calendar of Rav Kook which we always mention), Rav Kook writes for the month of Kislev: “True Heroism can only be found where you see Godliness”. A real Jewish Nationalistic movement needs to be connected to God. True Zionism only works in the framework of Godliness.On the other hand, the Rambam teaches that on Channukah, we celebrate the 400 years of Jewish Independence which followed the miracle. All 400 years, yes. These 400 years include some of the worse kings the Jewish People have ever had! One of those kings passed a law demanding the execution of every single rabbi of the time! If we thought we had bad leadership today, we forgot how bad it was back then. Yet, we still celebrate the sovereignty of the Jewish People even if it is sovereignty with horrible leaders, because Jewish Sovereignty is a value in and of itself.

At this turning point in Jewish History in which the Jewish People have regained Sovereignty after 2000 years of exile through the creation of the state of Israel, we often complain about the lack of proper, God Fearing, leadership. Others celebrate the State of Israel so much that they forget we are just in the middle of the process. The creation of the state of Israel is only the start of our redemption, there is still a way to go towards a God Fearing king known as Mashiach which will rebuild our temple.

Hannukah teaches us to recognize the value of our new-found sovereignty. IT teaches us to celebrate this sovereignty and be greatful for it. It teaches us to sing Hallel on Yom Haatsmaout even when or leadership is not the most fit.On the other hand, it also teaches us to keep yearning for the ultimate dream where our temple will be rebuilt on har habayit, where it will be used as a house of prayer for all nations, with the King Mashiach as our national leader. more...

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