Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome to the Year of the Shmitta!

We are priviledged to be living a year of shmitta with a large presence of people in the land of Israel.

Throughout the year, I will be posting tid-bits of thoughts on what Shmitta represents, why it is important to us and how to relate to it.

The first idea is one from Rav Mordechai Elon Shli"ta.

There are some loves in this world that to contantly actualize them into physical bounding would just simply reduce their value.
For example, when a man truly loves his wife, this love is not only expressed when they are bounding physically but the true love is expressed by how the husband acts during the period of niddah where physical bounding is forbidden. Then, without touching, the feeling is fostered and enhanced and intensified.
The same is true between the Jewish People and the land of Israel. For 6 years, we work the land. Our love of the land is expressed by working the land to the point of becoming one with it. We get on our knees, dirty, and plant things, move stuff around, etc... Then comes the Shmita. On that year, we do not touch the land. On that year, we enhance, foster and intensify this feeling of love for the land without touching it. This is the time to look deep inside our souls and work on our love for the land of Israel.

Have a happy and meaninful Shmitta Year! more...

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ethan said...

just waiting for that white donkey and miberesheit hat