Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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With the new year coming this week, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone an amazing and blessed year. I also want to personally ask each and everyone of you for forgiveness for anything I might have done to you, with or without your knowledge, during this past year or even before. I truly am sorry if I every caused any harm to any of you and hope you will find in your hearts to forgive me. If you don't mind letting me know I can count on your forgiveness (by replying to this message), I would appreciate it a lot.

I also think I should let you all know that I have updated my blog with a new design. Although I haven't had a chance to update it regularly, I plan to do so now that I am back in Montreal after my summer in yeshiva in Israel.

In his book Orot Hatshouva, Rav Kook introduced many ideas which he thought were essential for our special generation to learn in order to go through the appropriate Tshouva Process we need to go through in our generation. His main "Chiddush" (new idea) was that of "Tshouva Klalit". Rav Kook explained that in reality, there is a force in this world which is pushing all of creation closer to God (the Kabbalists call this the "Derech Hayichud"). God promissed that one day, he and his name will be one - He will be represented in this world the way he really is thus giving us finally the true unification of God's name. By making this promise, he created this force pushing everything towards that day, the day of our complete redemption. Rav Kook explained that in order to do a meaningful Tshouva (Repentance), what we need to do is tap into this force and join in! Not only should be tap into the force, we should also help move the world forward towards this special day!

As we engage in these special days of repentance, I really wish that we all tap into this amazing force so that every small step that we take in our tshouva, whichever new years resolution we each take each at our own level, will be so much more powerful and so much more meaningful since it will be helping bring the world to the day of our final redemption.

When Rav Kook wrote his book, he was already foreseeing the start of Zionism (albeit Secular) as an important step in that direction. Zionism was still a uptopic dream to most but he saw it as a reality. In his eyes, this movement of return to the holy land would lead to the Jewish finally regaining national independance and slowly building a state which would grow into the foundation of God's throne on this earth.
If Rav Kook saw that when there were less then 500 000 Jews in Israel, how much closer are we today! The state of Israel is now a reality, Jewish soldiers are sacrificing their lives each day for the good of the Jewish Nation in the greatest kiddush hashem probably since the times of David Hamelech, Jerusalem is being rebuilt after 2000 years of daily prayers and cries of yearning to simply touch the dust of its destruction, AM ISRAEL HAS RESURRECTED! This is not some zionist speech, it is an objective description of reality!

We are so close to this final step until this "Tshouva Klalit" which we have been waiting for for centuries! We are so close to the day where our redemption will become complete. It is precisely in this time that we need every Jew to stand up and accept to be a hero: Every Jew needs to stand up and understand that he needs to take responsibility for the whole world. It is up to us to use our freedom of choice to move the world through the finish line of this universal, wordly Tshouva in order for God's name to finaly be unified in this world.

May this year be the year of our final redemption, may we merit to see the building of our beit hamikdash and may each of our small actions be enhanced by their association to this incredible movement of return to God, of return of his nation to his land, and of unification of God's name in our world.
As we say each year: Ti'hle Shana Vekiloteha, Ta'hel Shana Ubirkoteha
May this past year end with all of its bad decrees, and may the new year start with all of its blessings

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