Friday, June 08, 2007

Top 12 reasons to live in Israel

Someone asked me to make a post of the 12 reasons why I will make aliyah. Click Here for more info. I think it can be interesting. These are in no particular order:

1. Shnitzies and Burgers Bar - I know they opened a Burgers Bar in Brooklyn but its just not the same J.
2. I am Jewish, and just like Italians are connected to their homeland in Italy, I am connected to my homeland in Israel.
3. There is no authentic Judaism outside of Israel. Judaism in Galut is by definition exilic Judaism and therefore BEDIEVED. A real Jew wants to live Real Judaism.
4. We live in a generation where the biggest miracle of history is occurring. That’s right, bigger then pessah! In Pessah there was one nation which came out of one land after 210 years. Now, one nation is coming out of hundreds of lands after 2000 years! How can we not be part of this!
5. I want to have an active hand in the building of the beit hamikdash. People forget this is our ultimate prayer now… Not to become super religious, not to learn torah, but for the Beit Hamikdash to stand on Har Habayit.
6. Am Israel is right now in Israel. How could I not live where my nation is? How could I separate myself from the whole nation and not be an active participant in its growth.
7. It is a fact that Jewish History is being written in Israel right now. I’m not even sure the Jews of America will have a chapter in a book on Jewish history written in 200 years.
8. The Kotel, enough said
9. In Israel, we are mamash a family with all the Jews around. People are not fake, they are true. And even though people call this a lack of politeness, anyone with eyes will see that it is really a lack of hypocrites.
10. I like white and blue
11. Jewish Books are cheaper here
12. Leshana Habaa Beyerushalaim Habenuya will now feel like an ongoing process and not like a distant impossible dream! more...

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