Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yom Yerushalaim: The secrets revealed in our generation

Let’s remember that mideoraita (in the Torah), originally, the Omer was a time of great Joy and Simcha. With Galut (exile), it took a sour tone and became a time of aveilut because of the death of talmidei Rabbi Akiva which, based on some commentaries, died in the war with Bar Kochba defending Erets Israel.

Now that we're going back to Erets Israel and that the loss of Bar Kochba is being redeemed, we see that the time of the Omer is once again becoming a time of simcha with so many holidays poping up in the middle of that period (Yom Haatsmaout, Yom Yerushalaim). The true nature of the omer is coming out!

As we know, every day of the omer has a special connection to some sfirot. For example, the first day is hesed she-bahesed, the second is gvurah she-bahesed etc…
We have, not long ago, counted day 20 of the omer, which is represented by the sfirot of Yessod She-Ba-Tiferet, the foundation in the adornment. This day was the fifth of iyar, the day of Yom Haatsmaout where the yesod, the foundation, of our gueola was established through the sovereignty of am Israel, in a physical way (adornment).

Soon, we will be counting day 43 of the omer. This will be the day of Yom Yerushalaim. This day of the omer is represented by the sfirot of Chessed She-ba-Malchout – the mercy in the kingship! As we know, Yom Yerushalaim celebrated the reunification of Jerusalem under Jewish Control. Jerusalem is the capital city of Am Israel, representing Malchut, kingship. It is even called Ir David, after our king! On this day, through miracles which showed amazing levels of kindness and mercy, God brought back Jerusalem, and through it a taste of kingship, to the Jewish People! After going through kindness, justice, compassion, eternity, hod and also the foundation, we start the chapter of Malchut, kingship, and this chapter starts on Yom Yerushalaim!
As I always say: We are so lucky to be living in our generation where all these secrets are revealed!

In order to prepare for this AMAZING day, here is an inspiring video for all of you:


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