Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thank God We Live in A Generation Where People Eat Bread on Pessah!

Rav Sherki, an AMAZING religious zionist rabbi, once started a shiur saying:

"I want you all to know- I am against eating bread on pessah. I think it is bad
to eat bread on pessah!"
Everyone looked at him as if he was a bit crazy... You're an orthodox Jewish Rabbi, Obviously you're against eating bread on pessah!

Then Rav Sherki said something even crazier:
"But thank Gd that there are some Jews eating bread on pessah in our
Now people probably thought he really was crazy... what is he saying???

We just read the haggadah detailing. We are all amazed when we read about the miracle of our redemption over there... But really, what's so amazing about it? Think about it... You tell me what is greater:
When we were in Egypt, we only spent 200 years in exile and we were all in the same country. Am Israel in Egypt for 200 years. 1 nation, in 1 country for 200 years. Nuuuu whats the big deal?

Look at the redemption we are living now! 1 nation, coming out of hundreds of different countries, after 2000 years of exile! Now thats what i call a miracle!
The fact that it's happening through natural means rather than open miracles in Egypt only intensifies the enormity of that miracle. We know nature is also a miracle so this only makes it greater!

It says in our writtings that when the 3rd gueoula comes, the redemption from egypt will start to seem trivial because the new redemption will be so great. This is what we are seeing. Secular Jews don't care about the gueoula of Egypt, they all care about Jewish survival today... so they eat bread on pessah! Thank Gd we live in a generation where Jews eat bread on pessah!

Of course, again, we are against eating bread on pessah and we wish every jew would not eat bread on pessah, and when they do eat bread, its obviously a very bad sin but we are lucky to live in this generation where our gueoula is unfolding in front of our eyes, in such an amazing way, that some people even forget the previous gueoula.

We're mamash lucky to live in a generation where we can witness the greatest redemption ever unfolding, step by step, slowly slowly (as predicted in the Jerusalem Talmud in Massechet Brachot),in front of our eyes.

May we merit to be part of the people helping this process move forward towards completion.

[I heard this shiur first from Rav Eliyon Shemesh, an AMAZING rabbi starting an amazing program in Tzfat, called Lighthouse Israel. Check or email ]


chaya said...

That sounds really twisted

Dan said...

whats twisted about it? its a description of reality. The reality is that people eat bread on pessah. And the reality is we live in the most amazing generation ever, where Am Israel has started rebuilding and returning to its land.
It is not twisted, just accurate.

yaak said...

It's similar to saying "Thank G-d Hutzpah Yasgeh, etc." See Sotah 49b.
It's a positive outlook shared by Rabbi Akiva, as in when he saw the Shu'al on Har Habayit.

Chaya said...
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Dan said...

to get a better feel of why people rebel against religion and how this is also all part of God's master plan for redemption, look out for the next issue of Intro to Rav Kook's thought which will come soon. I suggest reading maamar hador from him if u want to get ahead
As for this peice, I think u skipped the little peice which was purposely said many times saying "we are against jews eating bread of pessah"
this peice was describing a reality and showing how it makes sense in the outlook of a jew which believes everything has a Godly reason and does not happen just stam. Just like the gemara says kids throwing chairs on their parents will be a sign of mashiach, we can say that seeing Jews forget about the previous redemption is a sign of mashiach, even though both actions are reprehensible, especially when they forget about the previous redemption while embracing the ongoing one (whether they embrace the new one on a religious or secular level doesnt really matter)

Chaya said...
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Dan said...

read more then one post in this blog. ull see what im talking about. the process of redemption has started. we started going back to israel, started rebuilding jerusalem, etc...

Chaya said...
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Dan said...

God many times hides behind history.
Where was God on Purim?

Chaya said...
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Dan said...

Im gonna answer u one last time and then delete all ure future comments because ure are obviously non-zionist and trying to promote ure ideology to others and i definately do not want to promote ure attempts, although Id love to continue this discussion by email.

I said twice already that if u read other posts on this site, and waited for the post dealing with rebellion, ull see that their rebelion against God is not a regular rebellion.
As for u aking where is God, i think this is a question only a kofer would ask. If you really think Ben Gurion, Sharon or Olmert are not, at the end of the day, controled by God, based on the actions of the klal, then its mamash kfira. God is not as powerless as u make it sound.

Instead of criticizing individuals, u should learn to show gratitude to God for the amazing miracle he did when he brought us back to our land after 2000 years of exile. I mamash cannot understand how someone who calls themselves God Fearing can be so ungreatful!

This discussion ends here, hopefully, ull email me if u have more questions