Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yom Haatsmaout

I am sorry for not posting anything for Yom Hashoa, I also do not think I will post anything for Yom Hazikaron. The reason is that I am in the middle of my Law School Exams. But I did want to post a few ideas for Yom Haatsmaout. Some of these ideas we have seen in previous posts but are still worth revisiting in the light of this Holiday. I'm hoping to be able to post regularly by Lag Baomer.

Yom Haatsmaout is the day in which we celebrate the greatest miracle of the past few generations: the creation of the state of Israel. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel instituted special prayers and customs for that amazing day in order to show our greatfulness to God for his miracle(If I have time, I hope to make a short summaries of halachot for that day).

To paraphrase something Eliyon Shemesh often quotes from Rav Ouri Cherki Shli"ta: We are all amazed when we read about the miracle of our redemption in Egypt... But really, what's so amazing about it? Think about it... When we were in Egypt, we only spent 200 years in exile and we were all in the same country. 1 nation, in 1 country for 200 years. Nuuuu whats the big deal? Look at the redemption we are living now! 1 nation, coming out of hundreds of different countries, after 2000 years of exile! Now thats what i call a miracle! The fact that it's happening through natural means rather then open miracles in Egypt only intensifies the enormity of that miracle. It says in our writtings that when the 3rd gueoula comes, the redemption from egypt will start to seem trivial because the new redemption will be so great. This is what we are seeing.

If we celebrated Pessah, then Kal Vachomer (even-more-so), we should make sure to celebrate Yom Haatsmaout.

Sefirat HaOmer used to be one of the greatest festivals of the Year in the time of the Beit Hamikdash. The Ramban even teaches that it was considered Hol hamoed between Pessah and Shavuot! As soon as we went to Galut, because of sinat chinam (which is the sin which caused both the destruction of the temple and the death of the students of Rabbi Akiva), this period became a time a mourning. In our generation, we are lucky to see Sefirat Haomer becomes once again a time of celebration with Yom Haatsmaout and Yom Yerushalaim appearing Davka in this time!

Moadim Lesimcha Le'Altar LiGueoula Shelema

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