Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Don’t let Cheney bomb Iran?

I was walking out of the metro (in Montreal) today and I saw some of those radical leftists always protesting outside of the metro. One of their signs caught my attention. It said:

“Don’t let Cheney bomb Iran”
While most of the signs they usually hold show the opinion of a slim minority of the population, I realized that while most people would not formulate the statement in the same way, they would definitely agree with it. America bombed Iraq, it now wants to bomb Iran, and we have to try to stop them. And of course, Israel is not out of the picture. After realizing this, I asked myself:
“What has our world gotten to?”

We live in a world where our morality has become so blurred that we do not even know who to defend anymore.

Instead of calling on us to stop Ahmadinejad, and anti-Semitic demagogical fanatic who is trying to get nuclear weapons, from bombing Israel, we call on the victims to stop defending themselves. What has our world gotten to?

As we know, Am Israel’s actions affect the whole world. We also know it is Am Israel’s mission to be a light unto the nations. What is the difference between light and darkness? When its dark, you can’t see clearly. Things are blurry. When there is light, things are clear. When Am Israel successfully acts as a Light unto the Nations, then, we can show them clearly what morality is and avoid all the current confusion

In our generation, we are privileged to have the State of Israel which gives us to be a light unto the nations not only as individuals, but also on a National level. Unfortunately, we are not doing such a good job.

Rav Mordechai (Moti) Elon Shli”ta once told us that it is no coincidence that the second intifada after the murder of Cpl. Madhat Yusuf.

“THE ATTACK on Joseph’s Tomb was the culmination of a process that had begun
several days beforehand, when Palestinian policemen and Fatah terrorists
launched a coordinated attack on the Israeli soldiers guarding the location. One
of the brave young men defending the site was a 19-year old Druse border
policeman, Cpl. Madhat Yusuf. After being shot in the neck by a Palestinian
gunman, Yusuf lay wounded for more than five hours, slowly bleeding to death as
then-prime minister Ehud Barak turned down repeated requests from the army to
send in a rescue team from a nearby base.
Astonishingly, Barak preferred to
rely on promises from the Palestinian Authority that Yusuf would be allowed to
be evacuated to safety. In effect, Barak was counting on those who had shot
Yusuf to save him - a foolhardy decision by any stretch of the imagination, and
one that proved lethal to the young soldier.” (

Rav Elon explained that this blatant act of immorality was the source of all the problems we have today. Once, after being asked what he would do first if he were to be Prime Minister of Israel, he answered that first thing he would do is go up north to Yusuf’s family to give a public apology for this horrible, immoral, act.
This was the first of many immoral actions which happened in the State of Israel. A few weeks after, the victims of terrorism, the holy residents of Gush Katif, were kicked out of their own homes, IN THE NAME OF MORALITY! They punished the victims in the name of morality! Afterwards, after Gilat Shalit was kidnapped, and after Ehud Goldwasser and Elad Regev were kidnapped, all we heard from our leaders were restraint, restraint, restraint. It would be immoral to have an improportional response.
A soldier is kidnapped by terrorists and we think it is immoral to save this solder? We think it is unjust to punish these terrorists?
The kidnapping of Gilad Shalit happened on the week we read the Haftarah for Parashat Iftach, and Rav Elon read us then the first passouk of that Haftarah:
Now Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty man of valour, and he was the son of a harlot; and Gilead begot Jephthah (Judges 11)
In the Tanach, Yiftach was not the biggest politician, he was not the biggest tsaddik. He hanged out with gangs. However, he knew what was right and what was wrong. When one Canaanite slave (a Canaanite slave! Not a jew!) was kidnapped, he took his whole army to go get her back. He waged a whole war for one Canaanite slave!
Rav Kook explains that during a time of war, the ruach of the mashiach comes out, because what is right and what is wrong is more clear. In a time of war, the enemy is defined. In a time of war, we know on which side we are.
Rav Elon told us that in some ways, he hoped that Gilead (shalit) will once again give birth to Yiftach.
Unfortunately, while a war did happen after Gilad Shalit was captured, it did not seem to provide the clarity in our moral principals which we hoped for. After the war, it was just more of the same. Rav Elon was not asking for a war, he was asking for moral clarity, and it did not come.
When I saw the sign this morning, I realized how urgent the moral clarity had to come back. Moral clarity can only come from an objective source, the Torah. Only once Am Israel is clear about its moral principles will it be able to become a Light unto the Nations. Only then will the world have enough moral clarity to realize Am Israel is the victim and Ahmadinejad the aggressor. Only then will the victims stop being criticized and the agressors be stopped.
We have an urgent need for moral clarity now.

Don’t let Ahmadinejad Bomb Israel!


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Shai said...

Thank you Danny, for this great post.

This summer, we will bring this moral clarity back.

We are starting a human rights organization - the only just human rights organization in the world - one that distinguishes the aggressors from the oppressed.

It will challenge the Arab world, especially the Palestinians for committing an act of genocide against the Jewish people, since the UN defines an act of genocide as the public incitement to commit genocide against a people. Exactly what's been going on in the PA. We are going to get celebrity endorsements for this project and we won't fall by the wayside! You Danny, and everyone else, should come to a meeting I am planning at McGill on Thursday, April 26, probably at 6 or 7, that will start the largest pro-Israel human rights organization ever existed. Details to come.

Tel Hai