Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dati Jokes - Jewish Religious Jokes

There is a Facebook group out there called "Frum Jokes". Some are pretty funny and are worth sharing so I thought it would be worth posting some every now and then. Its not the funniest material, but it should get a smile on some of your faces. Post some in the comments if you have any.

Here is the first one:

Reuven has been learning with his same Chavruta, Avraham, for 25 years, they're very close. One day he asks Avraham to accept an aliya at his son's bar mitzvah. Avraham isn't too happy and tries to um and ah his way out of it. Realising he is acting strange reuven presses avraham for the real reason. Avraham confesses that in truth he is not jewish and that he has been pretending all these years, as he has a keen interest in learning.
Reuven in his shock says: "but you keep everything, you daven three times a day and most of all you keep shabbat."
Avraham replies, "I don't keep shabbat, I secretly have been carrying a key in my pocket every week."
Reuven replies 'YOU IDIOT! you know there's an Eruv'!
Avraham responds, "Yeh but i don't hold by that eruv!" more...

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