Friday, February 23, 2007

Rav Charlop - The aliyah of Erets Israel

In an amazing essay called "The Aliyah of Erets Israel", Rav Charlap explained that when a Jew makes Aliyah (ascends) to the holy land, it is not just the Jew who ascends but the land of Israel itself also goes up a level. This expresses an incredible relationship between the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel. Rav Charlap continued to explain that the Jewish Nation needs erets Israel in order to survive. During the long exile of the Jewish People from their land, this link was established through our daily prayer, whos content deals in great part with the land of Israel. Rav Charlap continued to explain that once assimilation started and the Jewish People stopped praying, G-d gave us a great act of chessed (goodness) and he started the process of the gueoula through Zionism. Zionism became our new way to connect to the land of Israel, our new way to survive.

This essay was truly amazing. It had a very original and refreshing way of looking at history, our land, our nation etc… More importantly, it expressed clearly the very deep connection between the land of Israel and the Nation of Israel. According to Kabbalah, the root of the kedusha of Am Israel, Erets Israel and Torat Israel is all the same root. It is the same type of kedusha. This is why the deeper someone digs inside torah texts, the more connected he will feel to erets Israel and the more proud he will be in the Jewish Nation. Through Rav Charlap, we also saw that while these 3 concepts took their kedusha from the same root, they were also interdependent. It would contradict other teachings to say that the land of Israel is only holy when the nation of Israel is on it or vice versa. However, it is definitely clear that while they are independently holy, when put together, their holiness gets to a whole new level: "The land of Israel also makes aliyah!".

May this new light which we received in the past generation: the combined light of am Israel on erets Israel, illuminate our path towards our final redemption… It says in a passouk: "Hayom Im Bekolo Tishmau!'" – Today, if we listen to him! This refers to the gueoula. It will come today if we listen to G-d. But even if we don’t, it will come in its own time, through the slow process which has started in 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel. However it comes, may it just come speedily and may we keep moving forward in this path we started.

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Davide said...

Shalom, this message is very beautiful.
Thank you very much for this, i must spread this to all my friends and i will post this in my Facebook account(with a link to your blog, sure).
Baruch HaShem
David from Rome