Thursday, February 22, 2007


We say in bircat hatora: Asher Bachar Banu Mikol Haamim Venatan Lanou Et Torato... We bless the one who has chosen us from all the nations and given us the torah.

Rav Uri Cherki explains that from here (and another like 20 sources lol but this is the one i remembered) we see that Judaism is first a nationalism and only after a religion. We are a nation with a special religious message. The world makes a mistake when they say: "Jews, Muslims and Christians". Really its "Jews, Arabs, Europeans, etc...". The thing is that a nation needs some things to survive and during two thousand years of exile, we Jews did not have these things.
The Maharal in the first chapter of Netsah Israel names 3 things which are unnatural for a nation which happened in our exile: we have no land, we are spread out, we are under the control of another nation. Those things are unnatural for a nation. So during our exile, it was so hard to identity as a nation that we concentrated on our religious message, slowly identifying ourselves, by mistake, as a religion rather then a nation... In our generation, we are not only returning to erets israel, but also slowly re-establishing am israel, the national nature of the people of israel... and bringing us back as a nation will make us able to give our religious message the way its supposed to be given, and it will be bringing back the torah to the way it should be, therefore it really is the greatest tikkun olam possible.

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Anonymous said...

thank you. this was one of those rare ephiphany moments

marc, overland park, ks