Tuesday, January 03, 2006


There has been 3 times when we were kicked out of our beautiful country: The first time was when we became slaves in Egypt. We then came back with Yehoshua and conquered the land of Israel before building the first beit hamikdash. However, the Babylonians destroyed the first temple and exiled us. We were then brought back to Israel and built the second temple. We were kicked out again, for a third and last time. As we all know, the 3rd exile is soon coming to an end and we will have the 3rd final and permanent beit hamikdash very soon.

The same thing happened in my personal life: 3 exiles and 3 returns to Israel. First, like Avraham, I went to Israel for a first time on Birthright. Then, I had to go back home for about a year, that was the first exile. Then, I went back to Israel on a leadership mission called Project Moses. I was then exiled again for the second time. I am now back in Israel. My parents want me to go back out of Israel. It really scares me to think of going back out of the holy land. Also, we all know the 3rd exile has been the hardest for the Jews.

I keep on praying that my 3rd exile won't happen. We all know that the destruction of the 3rd temple could have been prevented. The only reason we got kicked out was because of sinat chinam. I take it upon myself today, in a time where sinat chinam is rampant everywhere, to try my best to bring ahavat chinam in am israel. May this zchut let me stay in the land I love so much.