Sunday, December 04, 2005


I have been very busy the past few weeks and therefore, I couldn't post very often. So, this post will hold two completely different sections: first an amazing story I heard about Rav Nevenzhal, and then my opinion on the latest political changed in Israel.

In Yeshivat Hakotel, all the students are asked to do shmira: stay up at night next to the door in order to make sure no one suspicious comes in. Last year, Rav Nevenzhal came in yeshiva and looked at the list of people doing shmira which was posted on the board. He then went to Rav Elon and asked him: Why is my name not there? Rav Elon answered, surprised: You're a Rabbi, Rabbis aren't asked to do Shmira. Rav Nevenzhal answered: No, I'm learning here, I should be doing shmira! What Anava!!

You all probably already heard about the new political party called Kadima which Ariel Sharon formed. Before discussing its formation, Sharon just proved that the biggest problem I had with disengagement was a valid one. My problem was that the people did not vote for this: Israelis had voted for a right wing Likud party, not a left wing Sharon party. By switching parties, Sharon proved that he was not part of the Likud and therefore showed that Isralies did not vote for him. Now, after gaining popularity through this unethical way of getting through office, Sharon showed his real face: he and Shimon Peres are the same. Sharon opened a new party called Kadima, you could just simply call it Labor, that would also work. Kadima, in Jewish tradition, is a word which means forward, but has the same root as kodem, before, because to move forward, we need to remember our past. Sharon used that word in only to simply mean forward. The only common ground between all of Kadima's memebers is that they don't care about our past, our traditions. You have socialists with capitalists, right wing people, left wing people, everyone. But you have no one who actually cares about Jewish History, just people trying to blindly move forward. Having said that, I think the creation of Kadima could end up being a good one. Now, the two other big parties have been puriied of their dinosaurs. Labor can have Peretz, which I strongly disagree with, but which is a good breath of fresh air. Likud can look at the younger activists. National Union will gain a lot of credibility. One thing was clear during the disengagement process: Israel needed this big bang. So even if I find Kadima to be a joke of a party and a symbol of open corruption with all of its corrupted leaders, I think it was necessary for the switch to happen.

May G-d guide us in the right path to gueoula, and that starts with all my American friends coming to join me here to finally finish kibbutz galuyot

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Anonymous said...

Just another proof of the authoritarianism that is tragically rampant in the State of ISrael. It is time to end the fraud of "The only democracy in the Middle East." Israel is no more democratic than the PA. Believe me. I have experienced Iraeli "democracy" firsthand.