Thursday, December 15, 2005

Choref Zman

We are now a month into Choref Zman. This is the longest zman of the year during winter, when the days are the shortest. This means that for around six months, we wake up every day a bit before sunrise and go to sleep many hours after sunset and learn all day. Sounds scary? Try saying its amazing!

Yes, you heard me, amazing. All we think about is torah. It changes all of our perspective of life. No, it does not brainwash us or indoctrinate us, I'm talking about small things. I am now learning Massechet Baba MEtsiah which speaks of the different rules when of ownership. Now, when I find something on the street, I won't be thinking: "Should I be taking it or is it not worth it?" I'll be thinking, "In daf 22, we spoke of yeush and the different metsiot, what is the din here?"

My Rabbi, Rav Gadi, told us once that the reason it is important to learn gemara is because it shapes our brain to think in a Godly way. By breaking our heads trying to understand the things our rabbis wrote, we learn how to think like them, in a Godly way. This is what we are starting to do here in Yeshivat Hakotel.

We are starting to see everything in a Godly way, from the small things like things we find on the street, to the bigger things like historical events which shaped our country (such as the creation of the state of Israel). Everything takes a new, brighter light.