Sunday, September 25, 2005


I recently got an email from my mom in which she told me that after reading my blog, she felt that all I was doing here was dancing. So, I thought I should tell you a bit about my schedule to disprove that.

I wake up at around 6:45 am every day in order to go to pray at 7 am. We finish by 8 on most days and after that Rav Elon gives a small speech and we go eat. At 8:30, I decided to cut short on my break and learn every day a few halachot. At 9 am, we start our gemara beiyun seder. This seder is where we get the skills to analyze the gemara in a deeper way. We finish that seder by 1 pm. We then go eat. Officially, we have a 2 hour break but I only take 1 hour after which I go to review the things I did the day before in order to make sure to remember them. I then pray mincha before having a small chabura (group) with an older israeli avrech and an Israeli my age on Jewish Philosophy. We then have our gemara bekiyut seder where we learn how to simply read a gemara. That is from 4:15 to 6 pm. At 6 pm we have a 45 minute class in Hebrew on different topics in Judaism: Bible, Philosophy, etc... Then, from 6:45 to 7:15 we learn Mussar, Jewish Morals, for half an hour. We then have our dinner for 45 minutes. I only take 30 minutes and learn some Mishnayot for 15 minutes before we all pray Arvit together at 8 pm. From 8:20 pm to 10:15 pm we then learn gemara beiyun again. We then have different shiurim, activities etc.. For example, on Mondays we have a speech by Rav Nevenzhal, the Rav of the Old City, a real tsaddik in our generation. On Thursdays we have the sicha of Rav Elon. On Wednesdays, we go to our rabbi's house and have a nice dvar torah at his table. It is also at this time that all the sephardic people, including me, go to Rav Moreh's house, a talmid chacham, in order to learn sephardic halachot. When I get back to yeshiva around 11, I learn with my friend Parashat Hashavua before going over everything I did during the day. I usually go to sleep around midnight.

Of course, this schedule changes every day based on needs and/or other things. But this is basically a regular day in yeshiva. Some people probably now think I am crazy, why am I working so hard? The reason is simple: I waited so long to come to this yeshiva that now, I want to enjoy every minutes, especially since I know my parents will most probably not let me stay in the holy land next year, unfortunately. Therefore, I need to enjoy every second to make sure I will not regret a single second next year, even though I am still praying with all my heart for my life to continue in Israel, studying law in an Israeli

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Anonymous said...

allo dan... je ne te blamais pas quand je te demandais si tu dansais... au contraire, je remarquais comment toi et tes camarades vous etiez heureux d'etre la... bisous. maman