Monday, August 29, 2005

My Miracle: Part 3

I have fifteen minutes to write the 3rd part of my series. I am fifteen minutes away from leaving my home for the airport.

When I look back at the past two years, I think the biggest miracle was how things fit together. As an example, let me tell you a little story that happened: My parents did not want me to go to Israel unless I first got accepted and then deferred from Mcgill Law School. Since I like to follow kibbud av vaem, I followed their directives. I emailed Mcgill Law School and they told me that I could easily defer an acceptance for a good reason and that my reason is good. I applied, and got accepted. This was in itself a miracle since I know too many people who deserved this more than I did and did not get in. However, the real miracle starts here: I then emailed for a deferral and they told me they made a mistake: Usually, people go through a bachelors first before going to Law school, I applied for early acceptance without a bachelors. People who go without a bachelors cannot defer. I was very depressed. However, I kept the faith and decided to push for it. G-d made a great miracle. Turns out, Mcgill Law School got a new Assistant-Dean who decided that this policy was old and not necessarily a good one, and took me as a ‘pilot project’ in letting people in my situation defer. Did G-d place her in position as assistant dean specifically in order to let me defer my acceptance? I doubt it. However, in some mysterious way, everything always works out for the best.

This is just a small example of all the small miracles that happened. Financially, emotionally, politically, family wise, everything turned out even better then I was praying and wishing for. I can only thank G-d and promise him that I will do everything for this next year to be a year of tsmicha, of growth. And I can promise you, the reader, that I will be trying to take me with you on this growth.

Sorry for the average start for this blog. I am sure that I will be much more inspired as I get to Israel. I just wanted to let my readers know about my history before I really started blogging.

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