Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Miracle: Part 2

In my last post, I described how the world quickly shaped itself, in the last century, to allow a situation in which someone like me would be able to go to Israel. In this post, I will be describing the way I have changed in order to WANT to go to Israel. The final post of the series will deal with the incredible combination of these two aspect creating, not the perfect storm, but the perfect miracle.

So, I was born in a traditional morrocan zionist family. My parents have educated me in Torah and in love for eretz Israel. However, around my bar-mitsvah, I decided to practice even more then what I was thaught. I did not want to take to much at the same time and therefore went on a very slow but steady progress in Teshouva.

Being in a secular high school, I was quickly percieved as the religious guy. This put me on the spot and forced me to live up to that name. I am very thankful today to have been put in that position. As I grew religiously, it was time to find a hashkafa. Zionism and the Modern World were two very defining issues which led me to believe that the chareidi life-style was not right for me. However, in my community, there were then very little influence from a religious-zionist, hesder philosophy. One day, my friend brought me to a Kollel Torah Mitzion, Kollel which are made of shlichim from hesder yeshivot, and I found my place when it comes to hashkafa.

At the same time, I had my first trip to Israel. As soon as I went off the plane, I knew I was going to live there forever. It was just a matter of time before I would go back. This trip made me understand that a Jewish soul can only be confortable in Israel. Everywhere else, the Jewish soul is lacking it’s nest and acking.

I, therefore, started planning on my year in Yeshiva. I found hakotel to be a great place for me and after I got accepted, I never second guessed my choice of going there.

Of course, many people will see this post as a simple biography. However, only the person who goes through a miracle can really appreciate how great it is. I know I can really be thankful for the fact that I have been led, hand in hand, by G-d himself, to the point to which I am in my life.

What a Miracle!

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