Sunday, August 21, 2005

My Miracle: Part 1

In an introductory series that will take about 3 posts, I will be explaining the different miracles G-d produced in order to let me go study in Eretz Israel for one year. I will be starting from way back, way before my birth, and going all the way to the miracles he is making today, in order to make sure my dream will come true. Through this analysis, which will take you through many stages of my life, I am hoping for you to get to know me before I start using this blog more traditionally.

The first step of the great miracle happened way before I was born. In 1948, when the Jews were trying to get up after the horrible holocaust, one man, David Ben Gurion, declared the state of Israel on the Land of Israel. This in itself was a miracle. The fact that a self-proclaimed secular Jew acted in a way which could only be explained by a deep faith in G-d puzzles me.

What else, if not for faith in G-d, would have pushed David Ben Gurion to make this declaration which, while being a declaration of independance, was also becoming a declaration of a logically un-winnable war. I think this is the greatest answer to anyone who questions the leadership of the people at the head of the Jewish People. If they are there, whether they know it or not, their lives are guided by G-d. If they do something which seems like a gzera, an evil decree, it is because we do not deserve any better. We should not accuse our leaders, but rather we should try to correct our own faults.

After this incredible miracle, the independance war broke out. The fact that we won that war is not only considered a miracle by Jews. It is probably the most mind boggling event of the past century. Then, in 1967, Jerusalem was reunited.

Only at that time was the Kotel in our possession. Only at that time was a Yeshiva, like Yeshivat Hakotel where I will be studying next year, able to open.
What a miracle!


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